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Martin Luther King Jr. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Edgy Arts

Joe Edge Social Media Tools

Martin Luther King Jr’s inspiring words. 19 layer stencil and acrylic spray cans. Hidden behind the image of Dr King is his killer, James Earl Ray. This draws contrast between the two figures and the juxtoposition of the background, which is built up out of headlines from the day King was shot dead.

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pinterest-logoI’ve just classed Pinterest as social networking, but to be strictly accurate it’s a social bookmarking site. Bear with me. Such sites, like Reddit and Stumbleupon, are well-established, enabling like-minded people to discover new websites in areas that interest them. Pinterest came along in 2010 and the clue to its philosophy lies in the name. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard – a platform for sharing pictures and videos. Its uniqueness, its appeal, and the key to its success, lie in the way it showcases these categories.