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MFC4322 online research and generation

2000 word blog on a recommendation for a blogging platform for a small retail and catering business.

A blog is basically an online journal that helps get the right recognition by targeting the right audience. Blogging is a great way to listen for feedbacks and get information about strengths and weaknesses about the business. The chosen blogging platform has to allow room for comments on posts or pictures or videos. So in a sense the customers or clients get a feel of a actual conversation. This builds credibility and makes the platform appear reliable.

Recommending a blogging platform can tend to be one of the most common problem retailers have, from driving traffic to knowing what blogging platform to use, how to gain followers, keep on top of things and most importantly make sure there is enough content on there so viewers can subscribe to it and share it. Crème de la catering is a small retail and catering business based in the central of Leeds. Their aim is to find a reliable and dynamic blogging platform that would help execute their recipes, kitchenware products, preserves, cupboard foods and also any upcoming events they might have. There is a very good synopsis of the differences between blogging platforms nowadays. They take a lot of time and effort but by choosing the right one that’s most suited to your business whether its retail or catering helps achieve the best results. Marketing is one of the key aspects of any business and without a good blogging platform to support it; it’s basically like building a house without any foundation as there are bound to be problems springing up at some point.

 There are lots of different types of platforms out there and knowing which one is best suited can be the issue, like take Facebook for example. It gives people chances to be able to create a page of their own, add people to the page whether it being friends or family and put whatever content they want on there. Facebook can be perceived to be a good blogging platform as you can share and like information and privately message people which are a good and direct way to connect buyers with their clients or customers. Although crème de la catering is only a small business, word press is the best way platform to showcase their catering knowledge and let potential customers or clients know how catering can help them with their gatherings or personal use.

Starting up retail or catering business, it’s really crucial to be equipped with the best possible tools word press would be an immediate choice as a number one site as a blogging platform for any kind of retail gives its users two options, one if a and the other is is a freemium hosted service that wordpress gives to its users in order for them to still be able to make blogs and get to know the platform better although the customization on the domain are limited it still has a lot of quality and well-presented themes. It is the main & current platform for companies, one reason for that might be the fact that it generates about 19 per cent of the internet and has also been downloaded more than 45 million times. Most companies looking to construct a well presentable website, whether it being retail, food, health, sport or office like chose word press because of its creativity, customization and layout. “For me, it always comes back to the blogger, the author, the designer, the developer. You build software for that core individual person, and then smart organisations adopt it and dumb organisations die”- (mullenweg, 2013).

Word press also helps businesses reach their ideal target audience and makes driving traffic to the website easy because of how it broadcast the media on its page. Word press acts as a stand-alone platform which is best suited to the catering business because it helps them showcase their events, recipes, kitchenware, store cupboard foods and also posting relevant photos and videos of previous events. Finding the right blogging platform can be quite hard as there are lots of others out there, like Facebook for example has over 1 billion users each month and it is known to be the world’s largest social networking site.

Facebook is by far the most popular and universal social networking website. In January 2012, Facebook announced that it had over 800 million active users over the world approximately 10% of the world’s population. Recommending Facebook as a blogging platform isn’t a bad idea as it’s easy to create; it also allows its users to make a profile that allows them to store their personal information such as basic and contact information. It differentiates itself from other blogging platform like for example word press allows users to customize and design their layout but Facebook already has its own layout, Facebook also allows businesses to have a presence that’s similar but yet different to what normal users have. It allows them to create a page which is a bit like a user’s profile but different because just like word press it also gives them a chance to customize their page to represent their business. This blogging platform has relevant tools needed to attract customers. It gives companies a chance to be able to interact with their clients or customers which gives them useful numbers so they understand their return on advertising investment. “The world we live in is mostly composed of people and stuff that people need” – (Abram and Pearlman, 2010)

Facebook is set to be bringing out a new advertisement tool where it looks at people’s interests and likes and generates adverts catered towards their online activity which is good for new businesses as it gives them related feeds. There are lots of benefits that come with making Facebook a blogging platform when looking into business developing. Its free of charge for all users so its cost effective on that note and it allows worldwide connection which means anyone from anywhere around the world can get connected and see the business, It can be used as a source of providing potential customers with an accurate source of information about the business, such as an email address, product type, events, it also helps showcase new products, promotion and also gives people chances to have group chats and private conversations which can be good way for potential clients or customers to communicate directly with the business. The privacy settings & tools allow its users to maximise its visibility, it has a compound setting which can be altered at any time and most importantly it can be used as a bookmarking site to share articles, blog about upcoming events kitchenware products and recipes about the catering business.

When it comes to comparing Facebook to other blogging platforms like word press, the debate can last for ever, there are lots of factors that play a big part in this like for example Facebook doesn’t control the ad inventory on its page but word press does, Facebook also allows its web developers to use AdSense while word press doesn’t, also their target audience is very different as Facebook is generally for young adults and teenagers while word press is more suited to business and companies just like pinterest and LinkedIn. Facebook and word press are both very similar as they are both in a similar field as the idea of their creation is to simply make people on the web whether being a business or just a regular user engage with each other and they also both grow in a similar trajectory. Both platforms are all about their users integrated experience, Facebook focuses mainly on people that just want to connect to hang out or find out what their friends or colleagues are up to while word press is mainly targeted at savvy people with ideas and are looking for richer content. blogging these days is mainly about networking and journalism with feedback. Facebook’s engagement metrics beats word press’s one and its competitive moat is much wider. It’s about the time spent on the site, frequency per visit and how often someone stays on a page.

Pinterest Is one of the fastest growing networking sites in history, it’s great for sharing media contents like photos, videos, etc. it allows its users to create boards and pins of whatever they want. The whole idea of pinterest is to collect and organise things that you want. Everything on pinterest starts with an image or a video. Spending quality time to create a good looking visual will help in making an interesting content on Pinterest. It would be a good platform to recommend to the catering business crème de la catering as they can pin images about their products. Unlike Facebook pinterest allows its users to create as many boards as they want and it also makes it possible for them to invite people to their even has a blog which can be useful when it comes writing and sharing articles about the business. It’s not hard to get customers or people interested when using pinterest as it links in with other social network accounts like and instagram which is good for increasing blog traffic.

Howwwl is also a new blogging platform that can be recommended as it’s a simple and another way to blog conventionally. It combined with some vital features of other blogging platform such as pinterest, reddit and tumblr. It’s described to be an open blogging platform which means its users don’t really have to maintain a blog or regular content to have their information published online. It’s would be good for the catering business because all they have to do is share articles or post relevant source on it which draws traffic and visitors to read it and also follow them. The platform gives people its members chance to have their own profile and gave their own profile pages which showcases everything they have shared which in some ways can be seemed to be similar with the competitive platform pinterest. its layout is also quite similar to the one of pinterest and it uses the following and liking functionality of tumblr.

Another reason why it’s a good option for crème de la catering is because they wouldn’t have to bother with themes or building up readership as they’re only a small business. Although others might struggle to see the reason behind reading such random scraps of content when key to a successful blog often comes from the things that Howwwl’s lacking

Especially as howwwl is still a new platform, people that use it as their blogging platform wouldn’t really expect to create a business form their posts as the whole idea is to share contents when feeling lazy. Every successful blogging platform used when creating a business always has a combination of quality essence that makes it stand out like the theme used, images, videos, content size, written content, content name and chances of sharing, categorising and also tagging.

In conclusion word press would still be the best choice for crème de la catering as it showcases all the relevant keys and tools needed. Its strongest point would be allowing users to have lots of choices of themes in order for them to customize their layout and theme but the weakness word press has is sometimes not being up to date and being and also the plugins as it’s almost impossible to know whether the plugins are  being coded appropriately.


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