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Pinterest has rapidly emerged as the third largest visual and social content delivery network – driving more traffic than Yahoo! and Bing combined – creating an average order value of $169 in e-commerce traffic. Leading brands and retailers have taken note of the rapid growth in Pinterest activity, which has resulted in marketers quickly revising social media initiatives to leverage Pinterest for sparking viral brand awareness, website traffic and increasing conversions. However, sales conversions are difficult to track, visualize and act upon because your engagement data is locked away in Pinterest. Although the tools on this list are primarily concerned with those considerations, it is also helpful to understand how those considerations can branch off into SEO and even CRO. Through the use of these tools you can discover what types of content are popular, look for opportunities in expanding your social reach, track conversions, measure the ROI available on Pinterest and unearth new audiences. Pinalytics isn’t just limited to activity within Pinterest. Because Pinalytics is able to track the original content source, it can also provide details of how a particular piece of content has performed outside of Pinterest. It can trace the spread of pins through a number of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and google+.  Although Pinalytics has a wider range of capabilities when it comes to the matter of tracking original content, it operates in a completely different manner than Pinterest Web Analytics. Pinalytics works by running searches on pins, boards and users (think back to the key metrics data list in the introduction of this article) – which reveals data on those subjects with the option of running analytics (for members) through an integration with Google Analytics.


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